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Обзоры > Thinkpad T420s/T430s FHD IPS upgrade mod LVDS to eDP conversion kit RARE

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Thinkpad T420s/T430s FHD IPS upgrade mod LVDS to eDP conversion kit

I'm reselling this rare converter board that I purchased earlier this year and have happily used in my T430s (see pictures) with a B140HAN01.2 panel without any issues. I would recommend buying some non-conductive fabric tape for installation in order to secure the board, since I used the tape included in the kit already, and it is not included. It's also nice to have the tape on hand to resecure the antenna wires after installation. You are looking at a specialized PCB made by a member from 51nb thinkpad forum. This kit is the second enhanced version which reduced power consumption and solved some compatibility problems This specialised PCB is designed for Thinkpad T420s/T430s, for the support of better screens with higher resolution and better color, as compared to original screen. For those of you who are fed up with the rubbish screen from lenovo, I'm now taking the hassle and offer you this chance for upgrading the screen on your T420s/T430s to a FHD 1080p screen. Although some people have succeeded with upgrading the screen to 1080p or better on T420s/T430s, their method are undoubtedly sophisticated and even involves the need for BIOS modification. This board eliminated the need for such and made it possible for the majority of people to upgrade the screens on their T420s/T430s. All the brightness controls work fine. And you can install screens far better than 93P5685, 93P5689 and 93P5693 ALL Credit for this marvelous modification belongs to javi-jie Notice: 1. Currently, the screens that are confirmed to work with this board, are as following B140HAN01.0, B140HAN01.1, B140HAN01.2, B140HAN01.3 LP140WF1-SPB1, LP140WF1-SPK1, LP140WF1-SPU1, LP140WF3-SPD1 LTN140HL02 N140HCEA010 Other screens may or may not work, experiment at your own risk. 1. Price is for the upgrade kit ONLY. You will need to buy the screen yourself 2. I'll also send a guide in English to your paypal email. Please make sure you can receive emails on your paypal email address. 3. Returns/refunds not accepted in any circumstances since this is a aftermarket product and installation requires certain level of skills. However every board will be tested before shipping. Q & A Q: Will this also work on T420/T430 (non-s models)? A: Nope, T420/T430 non-s models have different screen socket pin-out as T420s/T430s. However kits for T420/T430 are under development Q: Will this work with my T420s with NVS4200m or my T430s with NVS5200m/NVS5400m? A: Yes


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